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O ur Southwestern University chapter was founded in August 2013 by Allie Watts, Chandler Lentz, Mica Radu, and Lacey Strickland, all inspired by the concept of positive activism. The baby flame began with seven executives willing, excited, yet apprehensive for the future. Tommie, Carrie, Allie, Chandler, Mica, Lacey, and Simon entered into the fall ready to jump administrative hurdles to get this organization officially instated. In one semester, the initial executive crew found themselves in charge of one powerful organization with school funding.

Spring semester, 2014, began with members by the dozens, eager to explore the possibility of making changes big or small in their local neighborhoods for human, environmental, and animal welfare. Starting from seven to a resounding thirty members, S.U. H.E.A.T. was on its way to achieving its goals and attaining campus status. “Always Pull Out,” “SMD,” and “Drop Everything and Run” were the first projects on our campus, giving us a name that was different, exciting, and young. The team is excited to continue lighting fires, spreading positive changes all over this school and the Georgetown/Austin area.

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