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3rd Annual H.E.A.T. All-Chapter Executive Conference. Aug 20-22.

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Hit The

Floor Running

H.E.A.T.sters add a twist to a risqué tradition to generate clothing donations.

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Calendars starring the underdogs. See how H.E.A.T.'s "Playtoy" and "Spots Illustrated" student-made calendars raised money by starring shelter animals instead of supermodels.

Featured Campaign


Pull Out"

How promoting conservation became a slogan amongst eco-conscious consumers

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Our Mission

H.E.A.T. is a service organization dedicated to improving humanitarian, environmental, and animal welfare issues through Positive Activism. H.E.A.T. never demonizes. H.E.A.T. always rises.

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How We Work

As an organization made up of young minds, we are continuously growing and expanding our reach. This requires a little structure. Learn about how we work as an emerging organization.

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How You Can Help

Become a member of one of our established chapters, work with us to start your own chapter, become a sponsor/donor, let us know about new opportunities where H.E.A.T can make a difference locally or globally....



H.E.A.T. has been spreading quickly. Recently founded in 2010, we now have seven established chapters plus a few pending chapters. Find out more about each of our active chapters and their accomplishments.

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Recent Posts

H.E.A.T. Abroad: Costa Rica

This summer H.E.A.T. took 18 members to the jungle in Costa Rica! We worked in an orphanage with the community children, participated in beach clea

Drop Everything and Run

Southwestern H.E.A.T.’s Human division put on a run around campus where students brought all of their old clothes to donate. Students came

Creek Cleanup

Cause: To rid a natural habitat in our community of litter, trash, and other forms of pollution. The Creek Cleanup was held to

Most Trashed

Cause: Recycling Every couple friday or saturday nights, the fraternities produce a lot of trash. This trash is primarily recyclable, but was not

Always Pull Out

Purpose: To stop the waste of electricity To inspire the Southwestern community to unplug all electronics when not in use, SU H.E.A.T. put