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T he Texas A&M H.E.A.T. chapter was founded in the spring of 2013 by Jacob Alpuerto. Since then, our chapter has grown to include over fifty students, each with a very unique background. Some are conservative, some are hippies, and some of us don’t know where we fit in yet. The thing we all have in common? The desire to help in any way we can, and to be a part of something important.

No matter what you’re passionate about, there’s a place for you in H.E.A.T.. We thrive in this organization, allowing us to take part in projects we care about. The thing that really sets us apart, however, is our sense of community and family. As a part of H.E.A.T., you will  make lifelong, meaningful connections in the Aggie community, as well as with the fellow students in H.E.A.T.!


Kaygan Nielson


Katie Kingsley

Vice President and SecretaryEmail

Kie Hankins

Human DirectorEmail

Brooke Berner

Human DirectorEmail

Kirsten Walker

Environmental DirectorEmail

Landon Bertolino

Environmental DirectorEmail

Lindsey Gansky

Animal DirectorEmail

Devon McCourry

Animal DirectorEmail

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