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T he Texas State chapter of the H.E.A.T. Establishment is the alpha chapter, founded in 2010 by Ian Smith and Natalie Berko. It is the largest chapter, with meetings reaching over 200 interested students. The Sparks Mentorship Program and the  Smith Distinguished Leadership Program are unique to the Texas State chapter. Influential projects include “sWag Your Tails,” “Free Your Meat,” “No Home for Styrofoam,” “Swipes for the Homeless,” and “SMD” (Save More Dolphins). The members and executives of H.E.A.T. at Texas State look forward to continuing the expansion and influence of H.E.A.T. on a global scale.


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LBJ Student Center
601 University Dr.
Mailbox 246
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Executive Board 

Our Executive board is comprised of the most dedicated H.E.A.T. Leaders. This exec board puts in countless hours to make sure their chapter is being the best it can be. These leaders are not only committed to H.E.A.T., their education, and personal ambitions, but they are also driven to help H.E.A.T.’s members accomplish their goals and projects successfully within the organization.

Hannah Creasey


Katie Garcia

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Kevin Booth


Andrew Gonzales


Kaitlyn Lavery

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Mila Zhivotovskaya

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Anthony Armendariz

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Haley Johnson

Environmental DirectorEmail

Josephine Whitney

Animal DirectorEmail

Reba Jenson

Team DirectorEmail

Abby Crawford

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Dusty Vaught

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