H.E.A.T. Abroad: Costa Rica

This summer H.E.A.T. took 18 members to the jungle in Costa Rica! We worked in an orphanage with the community children, participated in beach clean ups with the municipality, and assisting with eco tourism, the main economic income of this beautiful country.

What’s better than cliff-diving, surfing, repelling down a 140 ft waterfall, zip-lining through the rain forrest, living in a hostel, snorkeling amongst puffer fish, hiking, boating and exploring pristine ecosystems and rare wildlife?

How about over 160 trees planted for our eco-park reforestation project, 5 hours worth of beach clean-ups, and in total as a group, 480 hours of volunteer work split between working with disadvantage children, reforestation, beach cleaning and Marine Park service.

There are few places left on our planet as biologically diverse as Costa Rica, yet pollution, poverty, poaching and deforestation are issues in many areas of the country. Our new-found passion for this country and it’s potential to be a sustainable paradise will now spread amongst our friends and family as we continue to expand H.E.A.T. abroad!

See some of the photos from the trip here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.865438913471841.1073741846.165094926839580&type=1&l=1927589260

More information, recaps, and photos/videos to come!

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