Undie Sale

Undie Sales

Have you ever walked through your college campus annoyed after seeing the same old shirt sales, bake sales, and other boring fundraisers? Members of H.E.A.T. aim to change the face of “service” which can’t be done while following the conventional path.
H.E.A.T. has hosted an annual underwear sale for three years now, selling boxers and thongs printed with phrases like “I’m in H.E.A.T.” or “Packing H.E.AT.”. Corny as our puns may be, the undie sales don’t only spread our name across a college campus like wildfire. These fundraisers are our most successful, allowing us to invest more money into our various community service projects. An added bonus, no one sees H.E.A.T.sters as timid, tree-hugging hippies, but as clever, fun college students appealing to their audience to make a welcomed difference in the world.


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