The Nets4Nets project aimed to bring the school community together during lunches to raise money for nets to prevent the spread of malaria in Mozambique. By getting both the administration and the majority of the Student Body involved, an incredible amount of awareness was raised for the cause and the money raised made a real difference in the lives of several humans. A dunking contest was hosted outside the school commons, and students paid a dollar to be able to dunk the basketball in front of the rest of the student body. Everyone cheered and chanted while students and the administration, including the principal, attempted to dunk the basketball. Not only was a good amount of money raised, but awareness for malaria was also raised through positive activism.

Author: Zach McNealj

Cause: Raise money for nets to prevent malaria.

Chapter: Cy-Woods

Project Leaders:

Jack Landingham
Aidan Ferrer
Ryan Leitner
Zach McNeal
Benjamin Dockery
Madi Tabor
Samuel Landingham

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