Takes a Pair to Play

Cause: Convert recycled shoes into playgrounds and sports courts.

We held a shoe-drive to collect old, unused shoes that would otherwise be thrown away. The rubber soles of the shoes were converted into sports courts and playgrounds, and the fabric on the shoes was turned into sports nets. By setting up tables at lunches to collect the shoes and advertising the project on the announcements and at meetings, a large number of shoes were collected and then donated to the local Nike store to be used for a greater purpose.

Links: nike.com/us/en_us/c/better-world/reuse-a-shoe

Author: Aidan Ferrer

Chapter: Cy-Woods

Project Leaders:

Jack Burns
Aidan Ferrer
Benjamin Dockery
Josh Darner
Cati Radu
Zach McNeal
Madi Tabor
Celeste Tidwell
Salvador Sandoval
Holly Paterson

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